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I went to see Zadie Smith last night on campus, which was awesome, mainly because she is my favorite author. The best part of the reading, though, was not Zadie. The best part was this undergrad who was standing outside listening through the window in the pouring rain/hail the whole reading because there was no space left in the lecture hall. During Q & A time, the soaked undergrad stuck his hand through the window into the classroom and started waving crazily to get Zadie's attention. And when she called on him, he stuck his head through the window all 227 style and asked, "Is it true that when you finished White Teeth, you called up a bunch of girlfriends and went out for a drink?" And then he said, "I'm just joking, that's not really my question," and proceeded to ask a serious question. It ranks up there with my favorite Q & A moments ever, right up there with the old lady who asked Gary Shteyngart what onanism is.
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